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Treat Your Body Right In New Year 2017

snowman-in-winterTaking care of yourself is one of the best things you can do to improve both your general and fertility health. When life gets busy, personal health is typically neglected. New Year 2017 is right around the corner, so why not make one of your resolutions to take care of yourself? Doing so is easy and will help increase your fertility level.Read more: Treat Your Body Right In New Year 2017

How Music Helps Your Baby Develop In Utero

jz-13Music is a large part of everyday life. It provides the background to many of the most important events of our lives and can change a person’s mood with just one song. Music may be used as therapy and is an important part of education. Research clearly shows that babies in utero respond to music and that music can aid in the bonding process between parents and child.Read more: How Music Helps Your Baby Develop In Utero

Can I Travel While I’m Undergoing IVF?

low-angle-view-of-hot-air-balloonYes, you can travel while undergoing IVF treatment when you are partnered with a world renowned fertility center. One of the most important aspects of IVF treatment is administering fertility medication on time. This task can be difficult enough when you’re at home.

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Holiday Message from Dr. Zhang

As the year comes to an end, Dr. John Zhang have the following message to everyone:


How Exercising Helps Increase Your Fertility

meditation-yoga-woman-girl-sand-beach-exerciseExercise is crucial to your overall fitness as well as your mental well being. However, many people overlook the importance of exercise on every aspect of their lives.

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Latest News on Three-Parent IVF

family-standing-on-pier-and-looking-at-sea-at-sunsetWell, today has certainly been an interesting day and I thought it would be great to share some of the fantastic news with you, my dear friends, colleagues, and patients.

I was reading an article recently in some tech magazine, or the like–I really cannot remember.  And the focus was on human invention.  The claim is that since the creation of the internet, mankind has had very few redefining creations (carefully excluding the personal and mobile technologies).  Over the past hundred years, we have done some really great things, like creation of penicillin and going to the moon, creating the wheel, discovering fire.  But as time progresses, according to the article, revolutionary ideas have slowed.  They say that this is because the easy inventions have all been taken.  New, revolutionary ideas are becoming more and more complex and costly.  And this, to me is a rather bleak outlook.

In April we created the world’s first baby born from 3-Parent’s DNA.  In September and October the world tuned in to hear the breaking news.  And just today, the UK has passed legislation granting license to begin 3-parent treatments to prevent disease.

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How Autoimmune Disease Affects Fertility

jz-12There are many medical conditions that belong to a group of disorders known as autoimmune diseases. The immune system that is designed to protect a person against disease becomes misdirected and attacks itself. These disorders can impact every system in the body, including the reproductive system. Women are disproportionately impacted by autoimmune disease accounting for nearly three quarters of those suffering from these disorders.

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How To Prepare For A Winter Storm During Fertility Treatment

jz-11Effective and personalize fertility treatment is centered around the timing of a woman’s cycle. In order to get the timing right, monitoring is needed throughout the cycle. What happens when a woman is in the middle of a cycle and a winter storm hits? The New Hope Fertility Center fertility experts have all-encompassing strategies in place to address unexpected circumstances such as winter storms.Read more: How To Prepare For A Winter Storm During Fertility Treatment

How Winter Weather Can Increase Your Chances of Conception

Snow-CityIt is common knowledge that a man should avoid heat around his testicles while trying to conceive. Ideally, a man’s testicles should be kept several degrees cooler than the rest of his body. This is because the testicles need to be at a slightly lower temperature than the rest of the body to be at optimal reproductive performance. Being overheated can impact sperm production and make it more difficult for a man to impregnate a woman. Cold weather can actually increase a man’s sperm count and enhance your chances of conception.Read more: How Winter Weather Can Increase Your Chances of Conception