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Check Out New Hope’s Egg Donation Program

An egg donation program helps infertile couples grow their families through IVF technology. New Hope Fertility Center spearheaded the 21st century’s most acclaimed egg donation program. Many women donate their eggs at New Hope Fertility Center because they want to give the gift of life to other families. Our program has been created for the sole purpose of matching recipient couples with an optimum egg donor. We work closely with donors and recipients to ensure the process is smooth, confidential, and user-friendly.

Egg Donation Program

Through New Hope’s egg donation program, you will be efficiently matched with an egg donor. Our egg donation coordinators carefully matched 100s of intended parents with egg donors to achieve a successful pregnancy. We help intended parents find egg donors with similarities in ethnicity and physical characteristics.

Egg Donor Qualifications

  • Excellent medical and mental health
  • Ages 18 to 28
  • Local and out-of-state donors welcome

Candidates for Egg Donation Services

IVF using donor eggs is a proven method of successfully treating those who are unable to produce and/or use their own eggs to have a baby.

  • Women who are unable to sustain a pregnancy
  • Women suffering from unexplained infertility
  • Women who have unhealthy eggs
  • Women who are predisposed to passing on a genetic disease
  • LGBTQ couples – especially same sex male couples unable to recruit a known-donor

IVF using donated eggs brings great hope and joy to the donor as well as the intended parents. Our egg donation program is renowned for providing egg from healthy young women who have been closely screened to ensure their physical and mental health.Read more: Check Out New Hope’s Egg Donation Program