Dr. John Zhang Discusses In-Vitro Maturization

Today I would like to discuss In-Vitro Maturization.


In-Vitro Maturization (IVM) is a technique that allows an egg that was not fully developed at the time of egg retrieval, to continue to mature in the lab. An immature egg takes more time to fertilize, therefore a woman’s ovulation time is around 14 days to insure that the egg will be at the proper stage for insemination. A culture medium is used to mature the egg, which contains important amino acids. Occasionally the amino acids can be supplemented with follicular fluid from the donor eggs to enhance egg maturation in the lab.

Who is a candidate?

The main candidate would be a woman who doesn’t necessarily have trouble producing a lot of eggs, but may be susceptible to medical complications if they are stimulated with drugs, such as PCOS.

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