New IVF Technique Boosts Fertility Of Older Women By Rejuvenating Their Eggs

Baby-handRecently, there were several articles that were published on a new IVF technique that will help older women conceive. “Eggs may be rejuvenated by replacing its ‘batteries’, called mitochondrial DNA. A certain egg precursor cell in the ovaries carries younger mitochondrial DNA, which may be harvested and replaced into an older egg.

The technique is based on the concept that an aging mitochondria is one of the most influential factors behind the failure of a fertilized egg to develop into a viable embryo. Hence, changing it with fresher ones may produce good results.” [Read the article here.]

New Hope Fertility Center in New York City, American leader in egg freezing with vitrification, is ahead of the game again. Since 1996, Dr. Zhang has researched Nuclear Transfer, or 3-Parent-IVF.  As the pioneer of several ART techniques, Dr. Zhang “created the first pregnancy using this technique in 2003 at the Sun Yat-Sen University of Medical Science in Guangzhou, China. The patient ended up pregnant with triplets.” [Read more about Dr. Zhang’s comment on 3-parent IVF here.]

The future is now, and new reproductive technologies are paving the way for women to preserve their fertility until later in life.  Similar techniques like Egg Augmentation and 3-parent IVF are promising, but none are as close to large breakthroughs as New Hope Fertility Center.

To read some published publications on the technique, including his publication on germinal vesicle and Mitochondrial DNA transfers, click here.


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