Dr. Zhang’s One Good Egg Policy

I focus my skills as a fertility specialist on designing a fertility treatment protocol producing one high quality egg for every patient. One good egg fertilized by healthy sperm has the best chance of successfully achieving a pregnancy through IVF. Why is this important? Large quantities of eggs are no longer pivotal in the practice of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). Bottom line: You can now opt for the One Good Egg Policy at New Hope Fertility NYC.

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When multiple eggs are produced, many are not suitable for fertilization in vitro. A heavy regimen of ovarian hyperstimulation hormone medications are very hard on a woman – physically and financially. It’s an evidence-based policy. One healthy, quality egg is capable of achieving IVF pregnancy success for those difficult patients who have been turned away by other fertility clinics.

My One Good Egg Policy is:

  • Patient-friendly
  • FSH-friendly
  • Age-friendly

I can’t emphasize enough: We do not boost our high IVF pregnancy success data results by rejecting patients based on strict criteria. Taking on very difficult patients and helping them overcome their infertility encompasses the overall goal of my One Good Egg policy. Here, we are committed to treating all patients suffering from infertility – regardless of their diagnosed difficulty. Know this: To get pregnant successfully through IVF at New Hope Fertility NYC, only one good egg and one healthy sperm is needed.

Candidates for Dr. Zhang’s One Good Egg Policy

Women diagnosed as difficult or hopelessly infertile are welcome at New Hope Fertility NYC. The best part: Because of my One Good Egg Policy, I happily accept IVF patients other fertility doctors decline to treat.

  • Women who have high FSH levels
  • Women who are unable to produce 10 to 15 eggs during a single IVF cycle
  • Women who do not tolerate fertility medications well
  • Women who are at an advanced maternal age for fertility treatment

Treatment for these women is focused on a more holistic approach through a minimal stimulation protocol which substantially reduces the amount of fertility medication used during an IVF cycle.

Revolutionary Mini-IVF™

My trademarked Mini-IVF™ has been endorsed by Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART). According to her medical needs, a woman 38 or younger is prescribed a minimal amount of fertility medication to produce between six to eight quality eggs per fresh Mini-IVF™ cycle. This revolutionary holistic alternative approach is focused on a gentle stimulation protocol.

Benefits of Mini-IVF™

The many benefits of the Mini-IVF™ protocol include:

  • Less discomfort from the side effects associated with high dosages of fertility medication – including injection site pain
  • Production of high quality eggs that are well-suited for fertilization with sperm
  • Decreased likelihood of the patient developing complications like Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS)
  • IVF treatment uniquely tailored to the specific medical and personal needs of the patient
  • Gentler and more holistic treatment option for those wanting to limit the amount of fertility medications used during IVF treatment
  • Reduced financial burden on patients because of decreased amount of fertility medications required during IVF treatment

Single Embryo Transfer (SET)

As a renowned fertility specialist, I promote the practice of Single Embryo Transfer (SET). Through a SET protocol, a woman’s health risks associated with the potential of multiple births is eliminated. Cryopreservation of surplus embryos for future FET procedures is encouraged by the fertility specialists at New Hope Fertility NYC – in lieu of repeated, expensive fresh IVF cycles.

Pregnancy Success With Natural Cycle IVF™

I also offer a pioneering holistic IVF protocol that does not require any hyperstimulating fertility medications to achieve a viable pregnancy: Natural Cycle IVF™. This holistic IVF protocol is designed to enhance a woman’s natural egg production. Look: It only takes one good egg fertilized with healthy sperm to become pregnant and have a baby.

Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET)

The success of a healthy pregnancy achieved through the Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) process has increased substantially in recent years. Healthy pregnancies have been achieved after an embryo has been frozen for up to 10 years. Why does this matter? Pregnancy success is determined by the quality of the embryo transferred during a fresh IVF cycle or FET.

The best part? The success of FET has made the procedure an increasingly popular option for patients to consider before making the decision to undergo another expensive fresh IVF cycle. Through FET technology, couples can increase their chance of pregnancy per fresh egg retrieval and ultimately save money by avoiding the expense and physical stress of another fresh IVF cycle.

IVF Pregnancy Success Rates

Yearly ART data on IVF success rates is a rich source of information for potential IVF patients. This data gives patients an idea of their average chances of pregnancy success through IVF. It is important to work with a fertility care team having the experience to accurately diagnose the underlying cause of your infertility. Then, a customized treatment plan will be designed to meet your specific medical, personal, and financial needs.

To schedule your initial consultation with Dr. John Zhang at New Hope Fertility NYC, call 917.525.5496.

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