Rejuvenate Your Eggs

You cpick-of-month-Aprilan LOOK YOUNGER.  You can FEEL YOUNGER.   Are you prepared to actually be able to REVERSE THE AGING PROCESS of your fertility?

New Hope Fertility Center in NYC is actually cutting the edge of technology and turning science fiction into SCIENCE FACT!  Years ahead of his time, Dr. John Zhang introduced Egg Freezing at New Hope in 2004, making New Hope Fertility Center the first fertility clinic in the United States to offer Egg Freezing and Vitrification.


Now he is doing it again.
“The Trend has completely shifted,” Dr. Zhang says.  “When we first started offering egg freezing back in 2004, we were seeing around 3-5 patients a month, and all the women were in their early 40’s.  But now, we are seeing 3-5 patients per week, and their ages range from 23 to 50!”

Why would older women want to freeze their eggs?

Since 1996 Dr. John Zhang has researched NUCLEAR TRANSFER, which the media is now calling 3-Parent-IVF.   He believes that in the very near future we will be seeing women above the age 45 literally rejuvenating their eggs.
“Well, its not quite like we are making your eggs younger.  That isn’t possible.  But we can take everything that is you, the Mitochondrial DNA, and put it into a young donor egg, effectively making that new egg all yours.”   He suggests the term 3-parent IVF is misleading and that we should instead call it Egg Rejuvenation.  Studies show as little as 0%-3% of the younger egg’s DNA remains.
Everyone seems to know that eggs mature with age and degrade over time making pregnancy harder.  But Dr. Zhang is again pioneering a new technology that is catching in Europe.  Soon it will be here in America, and will you be ready for it?

Dr. Zhang would like to know if you believe it is right for older women to freeze their eggs?

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For additional information on egg freezing and fertility preservation, contact the experts at New Hope Fertility Center today. Our team of experts will listen to your specific concerns, will take time to understand your medical needs and will work with you to build a fertility preservation plan that is unique to you. Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-7676. Thank You.


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