Rescue IVF-New Hope will save your cycle when others can’t or won’t

I have been doing more and more Rescue IVF procedures.  Rescue IVF is a catch all phrase for any situation where your cycle is in jeopardy of failure.  This covers several different scenarios including:

  • Having started a conventional IVF cycle but only 1 or 2 Follicles develop. Since IVF is recommended when you have 3 or more follicles and you have already taken and/or purchased your medication, rather than abandoning your cycle, I recommend a rescue IUI procedure
  • You are ready to begin triggering or a procedure and your clinic closes
  • You may be doing a Natural IVF cycle and are ovulating but your clinic only performs retrievals at a specific time during the day, which may not be optimal for your cycle
  • You have lost faith in your Dr. or her fertility clinic mid-cycle 2015-16

Regardless of the reasons you may need a Rescue IVF cycle, and for anyone who is changing fertility clinics and doctors, here are some tips to make the transition easier.  It would be ideal (but not necessary) if you could:

Organize your previous cycle information, this will allow your new doctors to be more effective and efficient

  • Request a copy of your IVF lab results and Infectious Disease results from your previous fertility center. Your full medical documents aren’t required
  • Bring a list of the medications you are taking and have been prescribed
  • Bring a list of the medications you currently have
  • If you are using frozen or donor sperm, please get preliminary information about how to transfer the vials to your new clinic. NOTE THAT IT MAY TAKE UP TO 3 DAYS TO ARRANGE THE PROPER TRANSFER.


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