Response to A Baby or Your Money Back: All About Fertility Clinic Package Deals

baby-handle-tiny-father-family-tenderness-toddlerOn April 14th, New York Times published an article on fertility clinic package deals in the US. (Read the original article here.)

Fertility “packages” may feel like gambling to some.  High stakes are wagered on multiple IVF cycles by parents in the hopes of completing their family.  A growing trend in the industry, these packages often cost more than a traditional cycle and expose couples to higher bills and other hardships.

The way it works, on face value, is that a person will sign up for 3 or more IVF cycles, paying slightly less than the value of a cycle, entirely in advance, with the hope of becoming pregnant within those cycles.  If the couple becomes pregnant within those cycles, the remainder of the money is kept by the fertility center.  If no pregnancy is attained, a pre-determined percentage of the money will be returned.  The overall cost of these three cycles is usually slightly discounted.  The catch is:  if you become pregnant in the first two tries, you may end up paying significantly more money for IVF than if you had tried alone.
Centers that offer this discount typically use a third party merchant or IVF insurance company to handle the money.  In these scenarios, because a third party is involved, only some of your money will be returned, based on how many times you tried.  Discount programs are negative gambles, a bet that you won’t become pregnant in three tries.  New Hope Fertility Center in New York City, presents the best IVF alternative to this popular method.
IVF Sure, is the New Hope Fertility Center pregnancy guarantee program.  Unlike other programs, patients must pre-qualify for IVF sure to ensure that the program is right for a patient.  If you are likely to become pregnant in one or two cycles, you may not be recommended for IVF Sure.  Fertility treatments present enough stress and financial burden on their own without adding a losing gamble from the start.  New Hope Fertility Center carefully screens applicants for the IVF Sure program based on a number of factors including income eligibility, age, and a realistic expectation of how likely you are to become pregnant.  With this criteria, New Hope Fertility Center minimizes the risk involved in a discount program because you someone is likely to become pregnant quickly.
Additionally, as Forbes’s ranked #2 Largest IVF Clinic , New Hope Fertility is in a unique position to establish this program without outside funding.  This means that rather than recoup only a percentage of your invested money, New Hope can guarantee a full refund to you, plus interest.  It’s truly the only no-risk IVF program in the USA, adding to your personal security.  
The fertility doctor’s at New Hope understand that time is always against you.  The older a woman is, the more difficult it will be to become pregnant and have a  successful, live birth.  Because of this, the IVF Sure program is designed to be accelerated, allowing you to get the results you are hoping for in a reasonable amount of time.  At the end of 9 months, you will either have your money back or a positive pregnancy, allowing you to better plan the next stage in your life.
With IVF Sure, our physicians will use the latest technology to ensure you have the highest chance of becoming pregnant in your 3-cycles.  New Hope pulls out all the stops with IVF Sure, granting each patient access to the newest technology with the aim of achieving a positive pregnancy.  With other discount programs, limitations on ancillary services leave you either needing to pay extra or not utilize every “trick in the fertility book” to help you become pregnant.  New Hope Fertility Center, the first center to create a 3-Parent IVF baby in the world, will use Preimplantation Genetic Screening and, in some cases, Next Generation Sequencing, to ensure the healthiest embryo will be transferred back into you.  Our physicians can increase your chances of conception up to 25%!
New Hope Fertility practices Single Embryo Transfers (SET).  Many fertility doctors still practice transferring multiple embryos to maximize the chance of conception.  This can lead to multiple births (an unexpected financial burden) and high-risk pregnancies (which also cost extra money and specialized obstetric care).  Transferring multiples can be like doubling down on your bet and significantly raising the stakes.  New Hope doesn’t recommend this.
IVF Sure is the only truly OUTCOME-BASED Program in America.  Culturally, physicians are service based- you become sick and the doctor provides a service, a filling, a cast, etc, with no promise of the results of the service.  Many places consider programs like this to be a “fertility insurance”, however, IVF SURE is more of a No-Risk Guarantee.


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