Pick Of The Month: Why Natural and Minimal Stimulation Protocols are the Future of Fertility and What They Are/How They are Different

It is common for people to think of fertility medication when they are considering seeking professional help to start a family.  While fertility medication may have been necessary in the past for in vitro fertilization, that is no longer the case.  Individuals who have a holistic lifestyle or who wish to limit or avoid fertility medications now have options for treatment.  Minimal stimulation and natural IVF protocols have success rates similar to that of traditional IVF without the side effects.Oct012015

  • Minimal Stimulation, also referred to as Mini, in vitro fertilization uses low dosages of fertility drugs to gently stimulate a woman’s body.  Rather than having the primary goal of retrieving large numbers of eggs, minimal stimulation IVF aims to produce between three and five high quality eggs.  During a minimal stimulation cycle a woman is given small dosages of oral and injectable medication based on her specific medical needs.  By prescribing only the fertility support that is necessary, women avoid unnecessary side effects and discomfort that are commonly experienced with fertility medication.  Additionally, the lower doses of fertility medication results in higher quality eggs that are better suited for fertilization.
  • Natural in vitro fertilization does not rely upon fertility medication to stimulate the reproductive system.  Instead of working towards the retrieval of multiple eggs, natural IVF harvests and fertilizes the sole egg that a woman produces naturally during her cycle.  A naturally produced egg is the healthiest egg possible and is best suited for fertilization and live birth.  A natural IVF cycle completely avoids the side effects that are associated with fertility drugs.  This results in a cycle that is both more comfortable and safer for the mother.  Additionally, fertility medication has a negative effect on a woman’s uterine lining.  Typically, this results in a waiting period between cycles to allow the uterine lining to recover.  Natural IVF cycles are typically done with a fresh embryo transfer as the waiting period is eliminated.

New Hope Fertility Center specializes in an individualized, more holistic approach to fertility treatment.  Before a treatment plan is created, New Hope takes time to understand each woman’s unique medical needs and her wants for treatment.  This allows New Hope to have high levels of success without large doses of fertility medication.

For additional information, please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-7676. Thank You.

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