The 10 Best Companies To Offer Maternity and Paternity Leave

Spending time with your newborn is extremely important for both parents.  The weeks after birth are critical for both parent’s relationship with the baby and strengthening their relationship with each other.  Many working fathers find themselves unable to spend this critical time with their families.  Only about 15 percent of companies offer paid time off for fathers.shutterstock_115989118

Paternity Leave in the United States

Bonding with both parents is an important part of every new baby’s development.  Unfortunately, many companies in the United States do not make this a priority.  Legally, an organization is required to provide unpaid time off to a parent of a new baby.  This can create a financial hardship for families, resulting in many families who are not able to take advantage of this option.  When looking to change jobs, consider companies that understand the importance of family and offer paid maternity and paternity leave.

Companies Offering Paid Leave

A number of well-known companies provide excellent options for families including:

  • Facebook – 16 weeks paid leave
  • Bank of America – 12 weeks paid leave
  • Yahoo – 8 weeks paid leave
  • Patagonia – 8 weeks paid leave
  • Google – 7 weeks paid leave
  • Twitter – 6 weeks paid leave
  • Microsoft – 4 weeks paid leave
  • Comcast – 4 weeks paid leave
  • Trip Advisor – 4 weeks paid leave
  • McGraw-Hill Financial – 3 weeks paid leave

Other employers provide extended unpaid leave for those who are interested in spending a longer period of time bonding with their child.

Reasons for Paternity Leave

There are a number of reasons why paid paternity leave is important to fathers:

  • Increased Productivity – Many men are hesitant to take unpaid time off from the job.  In addition to the income issues, they are concerned how time off can impact their careers.  Research has repeatedly shown that companies that are flexible with work hours and provide above average benefits have employees who are loyal and more productive.
  • Parental Bonds – The first weeks after a baby comes home can be difficult.  Having both parents home can lessen the burden on the mother and allow the father to feel as though he is a part of the process.  Spending the first few weeks together can help bring both parents closer.
  • Happier Kids – Children whose fathers were present during their infancy are shown to be better adjusted than their peers.

If you have concerns regarding parental leave at your company, speak with a member of your HR Department.



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