Where Are the Best NYC Fertility Yoga Studios?

Fertility treatment should have a combined approach, taking parts from holistic and western medicine.  Our center has found that combining both techniques reduces stress, is a great way to get exercise, and can address the emotional aspects of fertility care.  Yoga for fertility is increasingly being offered by yoga studios to meet this need.  There are a number of great places in NYC to find yoga for fertility classes.

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Yoga for fertility provides a valued service for a number of reasons.  First, yoga helps to calm the body, mind, and spirit.  For those who are undergoing fertility treatment, it is easy to become stressed physically and emotionally.  Unfortunately, high levels of stress may also contribute to fertility issues.  Yoga helps to relieve this stress.  Second, many women with fertility concerns feel isolated or as if they’re the only people with this issue.  Yoga for fertility classes allow women to form a support group and to connect with other women who are experiencing similar issues.

Finding Yoga for Fertility in NYC

There are a number of studios in NYC that offer yoga for fertility classes.  Selecting a center that offers classes that fit your schedule and which is easily accessible can help you to narrow down your options.

  • Sonic Yoga – Located at 9th Ave and 51 Street, Sonic Yoga offers yoga for fertility.  The class is focused on healing, balance, and being in a receptive state to allow for the conception of life.  The class is led by a woman who had her own fertility journey, which she freely shares about during classes.
  • Lila Yoga, Dharma and Wellness – Located on Bowery, between Bleecker & Houston, Lila Yoga, Dharma and Wellness offers yoga for fertility designed to meet the physical, mental, and emotional needs of women undergoing fertility treatment.  After fertility treatment, women can continue their practice through prenatal yoga.
  • Receptive Yoga – Offering workshops in Manhattan, Park Slope, and other locations throughout NYC, Receptive Yoga was founded on the idea that yoga could increase fertility.  Their goal is to support reproductive health and to aid in conception through calming the central nervous systems.

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