Why Surrogates Are Becoming More and More Popular With Younger Professionals

Surrogacy is increasing in popularity as a way to start a family when a couple is unable to conceive on their own.  This includes a surge of surrogacy with young professionals.  As surrogacy becomes increasingly popular and understood, the stigma that previously surrounded the practice is disappearing.  Couples turn to surrogacy for a number of reasons that vary from couple to couple.

Pregnant woman touching her belly

The decision to pursue surrogacy as a means of starting or growing a family is never entered into lightly and can be the result of many different factors:


  • Inability to conceive – Despite their best efforts, some couples are unable to conceive on their own.  This can be caused by a number of medical issues which make conceiving a child without assistance difficult.
  • History of miscarriage – Some couples may be able to conceive, but unable to carry a pregnancy to term.  There are a number of medical issues, both known and unknown, that can be the cause.  This can be heartbreaking for couples who learn they are pregnant only to lose the pregnancy.
  • Health risks – Many women have health risks or underlying issues that make carrying a pregnancy impossible or unhealthy
  • Same sex couples – It is becoming increasingly common for homosexual couples to use surrogacy to start a family

Surrogacy can address all of the above mentioned issues and more.  Additionally, surrogacy allows couples to have a child that is biologically theirs even if they do not carry the pregnancy on their own. Working with an experienced, highly qualified surrogacy center can make the process easier for both the intended parents and the surrogate mother.

Receive additional information on surrogacy by contacting New Beginnings Surrogacy Services.  Their agency, located in Hackensack, New Jersey, works exclusively with the fertility care experts at New Hope Fertility Center, which has a gentler, more holistic approach to fertility care.  These two organizations combine to provide a surrogacy experience that is unmatched for both the surrogate mother and the intended parents.  Please complete the form linked below and a member of the team will reach out to you.  Or, give New Beginnings a call at 855-241-2644.  Thank you.

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