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How Egg Freezing Promotes Women’s Fertility Health

POM-MarchDr. John Zhang promotes the overall health and future fertility of all women. This is especially true when a woman wants to postpone motherhood past her prime childbearing years. She may want to pursue her further education, advanced career, or find her soul mate. Today, the medical marvel of egg freezing – oocyte cryopreservation – in conjunction with IVF preserves a woman’s fertility.

Women’s Fertility Health and Egg Freezing

Join the force of women who are growing more confident in their ability to give birth to a biological child in the future – without fear of maternal aging. Read an amazing story in Harper’s Bazaar that features how our Division of Fertility Preservation has played a major role in informing women of their future family planning options.

New York City resident fashion insider – Natalie Joos – sought out the help of Dr. Zhang to help her preserve her future fertility. She was successful in freezing nearly a dozen of her quality eggs. Look: 80 percent of the eggs cryopreserved today are for women who are choosing to delay childbearing past their prime reproductive years.

I am not worried. On the contrary, I’ve felt a significant change in my mood and behavior. I’m more relaxed and confident. And the boys notice. So take charge, ladies. Because in the end, all you need is one good egg. – Natalie JoosRead more: How Egg Freezing Promotes Women’s Fertility Health