Choosing the Best Fertility Clinic for Egg Freezing

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Did you choose the best clinic for Egg Freezing?

I recently had two patients come in for egg freezing that would like to transfer their already frozen eggs to New Hope Fertility Center from two other large New York City fertility centers.

The first patient had frozen 8 eggs with another center and none of their eggs survived.  The other patient had frozen 12-15 eggs at a university center and all of those eggs died when thawed as well.

New Hope Fertility Center has a baseline of 98% survival rate for thawed embryos according to the latest SART data.  It was even recently awarded TOP FERTILITY CLINIC IN NYC for live birth rate using thawed oocytes.  So with such marked track record of thawing, a technique, which, really doesn’t vary from clinic to clinic, I suspected that there was an issue with the technique used to freeze eggs.  While many NYC fertility clinics offer egg freezing, it is critical to choose a clinic that has experience of life births resulting from egg freezing.  Thus you must seek a clinic that has been freezing long enough to prove their ability.

I recommend, if you froze your eggs 3-5 years ago at a clinic that has NOT been performing egg freezing for at least 5 years AND one that has multiple live births to it’s credit, to unfreeze half of your eggs NOW.

I understand that storage and treatment are an investment, and this is quite literally making an early withdrawal from the bank, but you should find out how viable your eggs are while you still have time to freeze more.

Ask yourself what your priority is:  do you want to wait to unfreeze your eggs after you find Mr. Right and risk having no viable eggs in storage?  Or is it more important to ensure that you are able to have a baby using your own eggs?


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