How Egg Freezing is Allowing Older Women to Beat Their Biological Clocks

Fertility preservation has been in the news recently as more and more companies offer it as a benefit to female employees.  Often thought of as a means to protect younger women’s fertility, egg and embryo freezing also allows older women to beat their biological clocks.


Natural Fertility

Biologically, a woman is most fertile from puberty until age 35.  After this point, a woman’s hormone levels begin to change, resulting in a decrease in egg quality and fertility.  As a woman ages it is more difficult to become pregnant and more difficult to have a healthy pregnancy. At the same time, women are better prepared and equipped for parenthood after they’ve achieved their personal and professional goals.  Fertility preservation ensures women do not have to sacrifice the ability to have a family because they choose to follow their dreams.

Preserving Fertility

Although a woman’s fertility begins to decline after 35, there is no cut off age for fertility preservation.  By harvesting and freezing eggs at age 38, a woman is more likely to have success when she’s ready to start a family at 40.  If a woman is still ovulating, she may be a good candidate for fertility preservation via egg freezing.

Egg Freezing Cycle

Many women do not understand what is required during a fertility preservation cycle.  In total, the process takes two to three weeks and includes:

  • Testing to ensure a woman has adequate egg reserve to be successful with fertility preservation
  • Administering fertility medication daily to stimulate the body to produce multiple eggs at once
  • Monitoring throughout the cycle using blood work and ultrasound to monitor the cycle’s process
  • Egg retrieval during an outpatient surgery that uses microsurgery under local anesthesia
  • Egg freezing using vitrification
  • Follow up visit and cycle review with fertility professional

Learn more about fertility preservation and stopping your biological clock by contacting the fertility experts at New Hope Fertility Center today.  Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-7676. Thank You.

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