Why It’s Important To Choose a Fertility Doctor That Understands All Your Needs

shutterstock_104367062Fertility struggles are among the hardest things a couple will have to deal with.  Navigating treatment options can be difficult, especially when you’re not sure what treatment types are available.  Selecting the right fertility doctor can help make this process easier and can increase the likelihood that you’ll become pregnant.

As a physician, I want my patients to be fully comfortable with myself and my practice.  The best way to achieve this when selecting a fertility doctor is to consider the following:

Medical Philosophy

One of the most important aspects of treatment is finding a doctor whose philosophy matches your own.  If you’re looking for more holistic treatment options that do not rely upon fertility medication, be sure that the potential doctor offers that.  Explain what your goals are for treatment and ask for the doctor’s perspective on those issues.  Take care to pay attention to not just what the physician says, but also how they respond.  Your ideal medical team will be comfortable discussing your feelings and answering your concerns.


A normal part of fertility care is testing.  In order to be fully informed, testing must be done several times per week.  Be sure to select a fertility doctor and center that is convenient to your lifestyle.  Travelling to an inconvenient location multiple times per week may increase your stress levels which can negatively impact your fertility.

Insurance Acceptance

Out of pocket costs are a significant deciding factor that must be considered by couples undergoing fertility treatment.  For those with insurance coverage for fertility care, ask questions to ensure the potential provider accepts your insurance.  For those without insurance coverage, be sure to ask about payment options including financing.  The cost for fertility treatment can quickly add up, so be sure to maximize your insurance benefits.

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