Finding the Balance Between Work and Fertility Treatment

Fertility treatment can be a long process. There is the diagnostic phase where the root cause of the fertility issue is identified, followed by a treatment phase that requires frequent trips to the doctor’s office for monitoring. Knowing how to balance the time needs of your fertility care with your work schedule can seem like an impossible task. The tips below can help you to navigate these waters so you can pursue your dream of growing your family while managing your career.

Know Your Policiesshutterstock_184426631

The first step in navigating the waters of IVF and managing your workload is to understand your company’s HR policies. Read your employee handbook to determine how time of is handled and if there is a requirement for a certain amount of days’ notice prior to taking time off. Look into flex time, altered schedules and working from home. Even with an intensive schedule, it may be possible to get all of your tasks done without taking much time off. Speaking with your HR department will provide additional information and help to set your expectations.

Speak with Your Manager

It is important to be honest with your manager about your need for medical care. How much detail you provide is up to you and your relationship with your manager. Being honest about what you will be experiencing including testing and treatment procedures will help your manager to plan for your schedule. Additionally, when procedures need to be planned on short notice, your manager will be better prepared to react.

Determine Your Communication

Your coworkers may be curious about what is going on with you and your altered schedule. You are not required to provide any detail to coworkers. Determine what you feel safe talking about and know what information you want to convey before starting those conversations. Being prepared can go a long way in preventing stressful situations.

Speak with Your Care Team

If you’re having difficulty given your work schedule, speak with your fertility care team. They’ve treated many patients and have likely dealt with a number of different working circumstances. Chances are there are some ways they can help.

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