It’s Men’s Health Awareness Week!

11255204 - human sperm and egg lifeThe purpose of Men’s Health Awareness is to increase public awareness of preventable health conditions for men. The movement encourages early detection and treatment. This includes every man’s reproductive health because preventing sterility is an issue that affects families. Organizers have developed and implemented creative awareness activities during the month of June. Click here to discover the numerous Men’s Health Awareness activities planned across the nation.

Men’s Health Awareness Week June 11th through 17th

This movement has developed and implemented creative awareness resources for men utilize in improving their health year-round. A Men’s Health Awareness network coordinates dozens of corporate, government, religious, and fraternal outreach activities across the nation. There are many federal, state, and local government websites providing information about Men’s Health Awareness. Most major broadcast and print media organizations cover stories about men’s health by interviewing experts in the field.

Goals of Men’s Health Awareness

The purpose of this movement is to heighten the awareness of preventable health problems and encourage early detection and treatment of medical conditions prevalent among men.

Male-Factor Infertility

One third (1/3) of infertility cases are attributed to male factor infertility. Men are less apt to openly discuss their infertility or to have a support system in place to help them cope through treatment. This is because men do not think about their fertility until it comes time to have a baby.

Male Infertility Treatment

Proven, successful treatments to overcome male-factor infertility:

Male Infertility Coping Tools

Coping through male infertility treatment is made easier with some very simplistic proactive tools.

  • Don’t abuse alcohol or drugs
  • Refrain from overeating to reduce BMI
  • Don’t smoke
  • Talk about your feelings
  • Exercise to reduce stress
  • Keep your relationship strong

Successful Male Infertility Treatment

Testing for male infertility begins with a semen sample analysis. A semen analysis reveals the efficiency of sperm function.

Semen Analysis

A computer assisted semen analysis is a simple – yet sophisticated – diagnostic test used to detect male factor infertility. A semen sample is collected through masturbation and analyzed for sperm quality.

    • Sperm Concentration – This is the number of sperm in the ejaculate.
    • Sperm Motility – This is the percentage of sperm moving and the qualities of movement such as speed and straightness.
    • Sperm Morphology – This is the percentage of sperm having a normal appearance in size and shape.

When a diagnosis of male factor infertility has been made, IUI – or – ICSI in conjunction with IVF using the man’s sperm is typically recommended.

Multidisciplinary Fertility Team Benefits

It is important to work with a multidisciplinary fertility care team having a thorough understanding of the root cause of your infertility. At New Hope Fertility Center, all patient cases are evaluated, reviewed and discussed by and between their multidisciplinary fertility team. The team collectively arrives at and executes the best customized fertility treatment plan based upon every patient’s individualized needs.

A multidisciplinary team approach to treating your infertility will:

      • Offer the highest chances of pregnancy
      • Are the most cost-effective
      • Produce the best overall patient trust and satisfaction

To schedule your initial consultation with Dr. John Zhang, call 917.525.5496.

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