How Music Helps Your Baby Develop In Utero

jz-13Music is a large part of everyday life. It provides the background to many of the most important events of our lives and can change a person’s mood with just one song. Music may be used as therapy and is an important part of education. Research clearly shows that babies in utero respond to music and that music can aid in the bonding process between parents and child.

Music and Pregnancy

Many expectant parents wonder what the best type of music is for their baby’s in utero development.

Ideal Music

Classical music is ideal for playing music for your child in utero. Hearing these sounds while they are developing can also make it more likely that your newborn will also appreciate classical music. Some individuals report that babies who were exposed to classical music in utero can be soothed by the sounds after they are born. This doesn’t mean that your baby can not benefit from other types of music, just that at this point, research has shown the pointed positive impact that classical music has on a developing child. There’s no need to shy away from your favorite types of music during your baby’s development. In fact, playing music that relaxes you can also relax your baby.

How to Play Music for Your Baby

While the photos of a mother with headphones on her belly is beautiful, many researchers say this is not idea. The amniotic fluid is a great sound conductor, which is why babies are born knowing the sounds of their mother’s voices. Playing music via headphones can result in music that is too loud for a developing baby. Instead, simply play music around you at a volume that makes you comfortable. Previous studies have shown that babies that were exposed to loud noise in utero were more likely to have issues at birth including low birth weight. Know that if you can hear the music, your baby likely can hear it as well.

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