NY Post News: Go Pain Free With Our New Needle-Free IVF

Needle Free IVFOur team of fertility specialists made news in the NY Post with the launching of Needle-Free IVF – a holistic method of treatment which promises pregnancy success without injections. What’s news? No longer does a woman have to undergo costly and painful injections and blood draws to achieve a healthy pregnancy through IVF. Why is this news? Dr. Zaher Merhi – Director of Research and Development at New Hope Fertility Center – is proud to have spearheaded this Needle-Free protocol in response to his patients’ feedback concerning the daunting cost, pain, and inconvenience of traditional IVF.

Pain Free Needle-Free IVF

Gone are the days of costly fertility medications, inconvenient daily blood draws, and painful injections.

  • No shots – Injectable drugs are replaced with oral fertility medications to stimulate the production of multiple egg follicles
  • No blood draws – Hormone tests are conducted via urine and saliva sample to monitor egg follicle development
  • No hCG injection – A nasal spray triggers ovulation in preparation for egg retrieval

Women who are afraid of needles are particularly happy to hear about the new technique, Merhi said – (NY Post). They are very, very excited – they’re happy that there are no shots.

Holistic Approaches to IVF

Our research and clinical experience has proven that high dosages of fertility drugs may be associated with poor egg quality – making it more difficult to achieve a healthy pregnancy through Conventional IVF. As part of our commitment to increasing our patients’ chances of conceiving, we have established a focus on holistic IVF protocols – Mini-IVF™ and Natural Cycle IVF™. These holistic protocols give our patients the opportunity to achieve a pregnancy through IVF for less money and with little aggravation.

Candidates for Needle-Free IVF

This gentle and effective IVF protocol is designed to be patient-friendly to patients who have unique needs.

  • Have a fear of needles
  • Have polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)
  • Have difficulty self-administering medication via injection
  • Experience discomfort or bruising due to injections
  • Have problems submitting to blood draws because of difficult veins
  • Have a high risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS)
  • Want a more natural and holistic fertility treatment option

Needle-Free IVF Fertility Medications

Depending on the woman’s medical needs, an oral fertility medication – typically Clomid and/or Letrozole– are prescribed to gently stimulate her ovaries into producing multiple eggs. Synarel is administered nasally for 3 days at the beginning of the cycle and then again 36 hours prior to surgical egg retrieval to trigger ovulation.

  • Clomid and/or Femara to stimulate egg production
  • Synarel to trigger ovulation
  • Oral progesterone tablets
  • Vaginal progesterone suppositories

One Good Egg Policy

Customized IVF care is the best. Remember: It only takes one good egg and one healthy sperm to make a baby. Our focus is to help you produce good quality eggs during a fresh IVF cycle – not a high quantity of eggs using large doses of injectable fertility medications. This policy is perfectly suited for our new Needle-Free IVF protocol.

Difficult Patients Welcome

Women diagnosed as difficult or hopelessly infertile by other fertility clinics are welcomed at New Hope Fertility Center. The best part? Because of our One Good Egg Policy, we happily accept candidates for IVF that other fertility clinics decline to treat and have proven success where others failed to even try.

Egg Collection Results and Success Rates

Our Needle-Free IVF protocol has resulted in comparable egg collection results as that of the Conventional IVF protocol. We are – on average – able to retrieve at least 10 eggs from patients who have undergone our Needle-Free IVF protocol. These results are reassuringly comparable with other IVF protocols in terms of number of eggs collected and pregnancy success rates.

Needle-Free IVF and Gender Selection

Many of our patients opt to have their embryos undergo genetic testing during their Needle-Free IVF cycle.

Resulting embryos are cultured to a blastocyst stage (5 days) and then are re-evaluated by our embryologists to ensure good health. PGS/NGS identifies chromosomal abnormalities and identifies the gender of each embryo.

High Tech IVF Laboratory

Our goal is to maximize every patient’s chances of having a successful pregnancy. At New Hope Fertility Center, we offer the latest:

  • IVF technology
  • IVF ingenuity
  • IVF customization

Our IVF laboratory is comprised of a powerful air filtration system to facilitate the best conditions for success of procedures and research. We have one of the largest and most powerful air filtration systems in the world. This quality air filtration system provides optimal clean air pressure in every laboratory process.

Celebrated Pain Free Needle-Free IVF Expertise

It is important to work with a fertility specialist having the research and clinical experience required to design a customized IVF treatment plan meeting your personal medical needs. To schedule your initial consultation with Dr. John Zhang at New Hope Fertility Center – call 917.525.5496.

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