How Does Ovary Removal Work?

Ovary removal, or oophorectomy, may be performed for a number of reasons to address medical issues.  When only one ovary is removed, a woman is still able to become pregnant as her remaining ovary will continue to produce eggs and ovulate.  If fertility issues exist, a woman with one ovary can receive treatment just like any other woman.  Understanding the process of ovary removal and its impact on your fertility may make undergoing this procedure less stressful.


Ovary Removal

An ovary may need to be removed for a variety of medical reasons including:

  • Ovarian cancer
  • Endometriosis that has invaded the ovary
  • Ovarian tumors or cysts that are not cancerous
  • Ovarian torsion – when an ovary twists upon itself
  • An abscess that is attached to the fallopian tube and ovary

During the ovarian removal process, you’ll be placed under general anesthetic so you will sleep throughout the entire procedure.  Depending on your medical needs and your doctor’s preference, the ovary will either be removed through an incision in your abdomen or by using laparoscopic surgery which uses three or four tiny incisions.

Fertility Concerns

If you are looking to have children in the future, be sure to discuss this with your doctor before having the ovarian removal done.  If only one ovary is being removed, you can get pregnant naturally as the remaining ovary will continue to ovulate.  If assistance is needed, women with one ovary are eligible for a number of fertility treatments that will allow them to conceive using their own eggs

Women who have both ovaries removed but still have their uterus also have options for fertility treatment.  These women may be able to get pregnant using donor eggs or their own eggs that they banked prior to the procedure.  In order to have the best understanding of your options in the future, speak with a fertility expert.

For additional information on fertility treatment including addressing ovary removal, contact a member of our staff today. Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-7676. Thank you.

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