Who is Embryo Banking Really For?

Embryo banking is a large part of fertility treatment and fertility preservation.  Embryo banking is a useful fertility tool for a number of individuals on their quest to grow their families.  Understanding how and when embryo banking is used can help to make fully informed reproductive decisions.doctor

Embryo Banking Defined

Embryo banking is the practice of freezing embryos for use during later IVF cycles.  When vitrification is used, embryo freezing may be done with little risk of damage.   Embryos frozen with vitrification have a 98 percent survival rate for the freezing and thawing process.   Embryos may be stored for years until they are needed.

Need for Embryo Banking

Embryo banking may be done for a variety of reasons:

  • Fertility preservation – Women are choosing to preserve their fertility for a number of reasons.  Women undergoing cancer treatment may be advised to preserve their fertility to avoid the impact to their eggs.  Other women choose to delay starting a family for personal or professional reasons.  Freezing embryos has a distinct advantage over freezing eggs as embryos may be monitored as they develop.  Additionally, genetic testing may be done on embryos, allowing doctors to know the health of embryos prior to freezing.  Women who are in committed relationships or who will use donor sperm may want to use embryo banking
  • IVF Treatment – During IVF treatment, it is common for multiple embryos to be created.  Embryos that are not transferred during that cycle can be frozen for future use.  This avoids the need for additional cycles to harvest eggs and can shorten the time required to get pregnant.

Women in both of these groups benefit from embryo banking.  Regardless of the reason, it is often easier to become pregnant with banked embryos than by trying naturally when a woman is older.

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Who benefits from embryo banking? Read here to find out.

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