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How AMH Plays a Key Role in Predicting a Woman’s Fertility

42592719 - happy pregnancy sitting on sofa at home in bedroomMeasuring a woman’s AMH level – Anti-Mullerian Hormone – is crucial to achieving a successful pregnancy through a fresh IVF transfer, as well as for an optimal egg freezing cycle. Why does this matter? AMH testing measure a woman’s ovarian reserve. A woman’s ovarian reserve determines the chances for conceiving and giving birth to a healthy baby using her own eggs. That’s not all. A recent study has found that fertile women having a low AMH level became pregnant less frequently than those with a higher AMH level.

A Woman’s AMH Level Decreases With Age

As a woman ages – post-35 – the count of her egg follicle (ovarian) reserve decreases. Did you know? Obese women have low AMH levels and poor ovarian reserves.

Bottom Line: As shown in the chart below, older women have lower AMH levels than their younger counterparts.

Age                             10th Percentile                     50th Percentile

18 – 24                       1.10                                        3.60

25 – 29                       1.10                                        3.20

30 – 34                       .52                                           2.10

35 – 39                       .20                                           1.50

40 – 41                       .10                                             .80

42 +                            .09                                             .50

Because women with lower AMH levels have less of an ovarian reserve than women with high AMH levels, AMH testing is key to predicting how a woman will respond to fertility medications. Here’s the deal: AMH testing helps Dr. Zhang predict your fertility level – that is – your chances of a successful pregnancy.

Women having low AMH levels do not respond well to fertility medications. These women are classified as poor responders because their bodies to not produce a sufficient number of high quality eggs using fertility medications.Read more: How AMH Plays a Key Role in Predicting a Woman’s Fertility