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Ways to Stay Positive and Calm During an IVF Cycle

Your IVF cycle can be a very anxious time. Between medication, testing, procedures and you emotions, it can be difficult to stay calm and positive throughout your cycle. However, becoming stressed can actually negatively impact both your fertility and your outlook on fertility treatment. Therefore, staying calm and positive during IVF is a must.

There are many things that you can during your IVF cycle to remain calm. There is no magic solution and no two women are the same. Pick ideas from the list below that speak to your specific mental and emotional needs.

Give Yourself Space EggFreezingImage_low_res

It can be difficult to perform your daily routine while wondering if the IVF cycle will work. You may find yourself becoming frustrated that other people are seemingly moving forward while you’re experiencing one of the greatest struggles. Give yourself some time and space to really deal with the emotional side of IVF. Having an outlet can avoid emotional blow ups.


This ancient practice of centering your body and mind can be done anywhere at any time. Ideally, you should sit in a quiet area, close your eyes and focus on breathing. Trying not to think will actually result in additional thoughts, so the best way to deal with thoughts is to acknowledge them and that you’ll come back to them and then return to focusing on your breaths. Allowing both your mind and body to return to a state of calm can help your overall outlook during IVF.

Take Care of Yourself

Your IVF cycle is the perfect time to give yourself a little TLC. A trip to the hair salon, a spa day or even painting your nails may be exactly what the doctor ordered. These personal treats provide a time to relax physically and mentally.


Pretending as though you don’t have concerns or worries is a bad idea. It is important to actively communicate with your loved ones and treatment team. Let your loved ones and support system know what they can do to support you through the process and then allow them to do those things. Ask your fertility care team questions and for additional information until you feel comfortable with the process and you have a full understanding of your treatment plan.

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Are There Medicines That Can Affect Fertility?

Medicines That Can Affect FertilityFB-TIP-DAY-3

Your natural fertility is the result of a number of processes in the body that work together. When one or more things are not working as they should be, fertility medication can help to return the body to a state where reproduction is possible. Unfortunately, some medication that is prescribed for other purposes can also negatively impact your fertility. If you’re trying to conceive, be sure to speak with your physician about how the medication you’re taking can affect your fertility.

Some medications that are known to impact fertility for both men and women include:


Steroids are prescribed to address a number of medical issues including asthma and issues with the skin. The use of steroids can also interfere with the body’s ability to produce the hormones needed to result in ovulation in taken in high enough doses.

Hormone Based Products

A number of treatments for the hair and skin are contain hormones such as estrogen. When they are absorbed by the skins, these hormones have the potential to interfere with your natural cycle or fertility treatment. Consider avoiding products that contain hormones while trying to conceive.

High Blood Pressure Medication

Managing high blood pressure is a must for your overall health and to be able to have a healthy pregnancy. Speak with your doctor about the type of high blood pressure medication you’re on. Some varieties raise the levels of prolactin in a woman’s body which can hinder ovulation.

Thyroid Medication

The dosage of thyroid medication is important for more than addressing the symptoms of your thyroid condition. If the dosage of thyroid medication is either more than you need or not enough to address your issues problems with ovulation can occur.

Although medication can affect fertility, it is important to speak with your doctor before discontinuing or changing medications.

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Infertility & Your Relationship: 5 Ways to Stay Strong Together

Relationships During Fertility Treatment

You met the person you want to spend forever with. Then, you decided to start a family. Unfortunately, you were unable to conceive on your own. You two decided to pursue fertility treatment, but did not know exactly what to expect or how it would impact your relationship. Fertility issues can be stressful for both partners. There are physical, mental an emotional impacts due to fertility issues, which can take their toll on a relationship. It is possible to keep your relationship strong during fertility treatment, with the five tips below.Oct012015

Stay Focused on “Us”

The goal of fertility is to become parents and to grow your family together. However, the tests, treatment and medication often associated with fertility treatment can easily become a couple’s focus. The key is to remember that the foundation of this treatment is the bond between both partners, a relationship which will need to continue to thrive after treatment.

Spend Fertility Free Time Together

Take time out to continue to enjoy your partner. Do the activities you’ve always loved to do together. Watch a movie, go for a walk and laugh together. Allow yourselves time to not talk about fertility treatment. Fertility can quickly become the dominate topic of conversation. Give yourself space and time to focus elsewhere for a while.

Take Care of Each Other

Continue doing the small things that matter. Ask your partner about their day and really listen. Ask your partner how they are doing and if there are any things you can do to make the process easier on them. Then, follow through with those things.


The biggest threat to a healthy relationship is a lack of communication. Communicate your needs and listen to the needs of your partner. For tough conversations, each partner should be able to communicate their needs and opinion uninterrupted before the other partner speaks. Keeping the lines of communication open and feeling comfortable talking to one another is key.

Say Thank You

Feeling unappreciated or unnoticed is a relationship killer. Remember to take time to thank your partner for the little things.

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Planning Ahead – Prescriptions for Fertility Drugs While Traveling

Fertility Drugs While Traveling

Fertility medication is often a big part of fertility care. Medication can be used to delay the start of a cycle, spur the growth of egg and to trigger ovulation. In order for a cycle to have the best chance at success, it is important that all prescribed fertility medication be taking at the time and dose indicated by the fertility care team. Failing to do so can result in the cycle being unsuccessful. Finding time and space to take fertility medication can take some maneuvering. This task can be made more difficulty while traveling. If you have to travel during your fertility cycle and are taking medication, there are a few things you can do to make the process easier.

Plan Ahead  Women with Jack Russell dog watching the sunset

The single most important thing you can do while traveling during fertility care is to plan ahead. Start by informing your fertility care team about your travel needs. They can help you to coordinate what medications you will need during your travels. Depending on where you are in your cycle, they may also be able to coordinate getting monitored elsewhere so that your cycle does not have to stop due to your travel plans.

Planning ahead also means getting everything you need together before you travel. This means obtaining medication from the pharmacy and all the corresponding supplies you’ll need. If you are flying, pay special attention to requirements for flying with medication and syringes. You do not want to be caught off guard while going through security.

Set a Calendar

Timing is everything while administering fertility medications. Setting reminders for yourself in your phone or email can help to remind you that is time to administer medication. Staying on track is key for your cycle to continue progressing on the original schedule. Taking medication and the designated time may require that you step away to do so. If you believe this will be an issue, think of ways to excuse yourself prior to being in the company of others.

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Essential Oils Great For Pregnancy

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years in a variety of holistic treatment methods. The oils are obtained by steam distilling or cold pressing plants. The resulting oils may then be used in a variety of ways including placed on the skin, inhaled, consumed, used as aroma therapy or as a massage oil. Different essential oils work in different ways, with each providing a different benefit for the mind or body. When incorporated into a holistic treatment plan, essential oils can help a person to become both physically and emotionally balanced.  Blog.H

While pregnant, there are a few things to keep in mind about the use of essential oils:

  • Because there are only a few studies on the use of essential oils during pregnancy and their effect on both mother and child, essential oils should not be consumed during the pregnancy or if a woman is nursing. Diffusing the oils or using the oils topically is recommended.
  • The use of essential oils should be completely avoided during a woman’s first trimester.
  • Using just a small amount of essential oils can be powerful and is recommended during pregnancy. Diluting the oils with water is ideal.
  • Women’s bodies often react differently to scents and oils while pregnant. If your favorite essential oil does not seem to be agreeing with you, listen to your body.

There are many essential oils that are deemed to be safe to use while pregnant or nursing. The following list includes some of these and indicates how they may be used as a holistic treatment method:

  • Morning sickness and other stomach issues may be treated with peppermint, ginger and spearmint.
  • Coughs may be treated with eucalyptus.
  • Muscle pains are common during pregnancy and may be treated with sweet marjoram and chamomile.
  • Lavender has been proven to help alleviate stress and restore calm.

As with any holistic treatment method, it is important to speak with your physician about use of essential oils during your pregnancy.

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Childhood Cancers While Planning For Future Infertility

A diagnosis of childhood cancer will send any family through a range of emotions.  Many families are surprised to learn that in addition to dealing with cancer, treatment of the disease can pose a real threat to a girl’s future fertility.  Fertility preservation through ovarian tissue freezing provides a means to preserve a girl’s fertility without the use of fertility medication or delaying cancer treatment.

Ovarian Tissue Freezing

Every girl is born with all of thBlog.Be eggs she will ever have.  Those eggs remain immature until a girl enters puberty and her ovaries begin to mature an egg for ovulation.  A number of factors can impact the health of the eggs, including cancer treatment.  Some treatments can damage the eggs to the point that becoming pregnant with natural eggs can become difficult, if not impossible.  Ovarian tissue freezing directly addresses this risk.

Before they are matured, the eggs are located on the outer layer of the ovaries.  During ovarian tissue freezing, sections of the outer layer – or an entire ovary – are removed.  The harvested ovarian tissue will house hundreds of eggs.  The tissue is then divided into smaller sections, frozen, and stored until the girl completes treatment, grows up, and enters puberty.  At this point, the harvested ovarian tissue may be transplanted back into the girl’s body.  The transplanted ovarian tissue will then behave as normal.  She will ovulate once per month and will have the ability to become pregnant naturally.  Another option is to mature the eggs in a laboratory setting for use during in vitro fertilization.

Choosing Fertility Preservation

The process of fertility preservation via ovarian tissue freezing can be done relatively quickly.  There is no need to wait for fertility medication and a girl does not need to have entered puberty.  This means that girls who must start treatment quickly have an option to preserve their fertility so that they can have their own biological children in the future.

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Pick Of The Month: Why Natural and Minimal Stimulation Protocols are the Future of Fertility and What They Are/How They are Different

It is common for people to think of fertility medication when they are considering seeking professional help to start a family.  While fertility medication may have been necessary in the past for in vitro fertilization, that is no longer the case.  Individuals who have a holistic lifestyle or who wish to limit or avoid fertility medications now have options for treatment.  Minimal stimulation and natural IVF protocols have success rates similar to that of traditional IVF without the side effects.Oct012015
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