Macrolide Antibiotics in Early Pregnancy Linked to Birth Defect Risk

97678181 - medicine doctor hand working with modern computer interfaceA recent article in Newsweek discusses how macrolide antibiotics used in early pregnancy have been linked to birth defects – according to a recent study by BMJ published January 7, 2020. Finding showed that pregnant women who take certain types of antibiotics have a greater risk of having a baby with birth defects. Ironically, leaving an infection untreated is a greater risk to the fetus.

Macrolide Antibiotics Rx in Early Pregnancy

Macrolides are among the antibiotics most commonly prescribed to pregnant women in Western countries. Advice on whether they should be used on women carrying a high risk pregnancy varies. Doctors often give macrolides antibiotics to pregnant women who are allergic to penicillin – which has long been thought to be a safe alternative.

Major birth defects recorded:

  • 55 per 1,000 children of whose mothers were prescribed macrolides
  • 36 per 1,000 children whose mothers were prescribed penicillin during pregnancy

Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM)

MFM is the specialized medical practice of treating a high-risk pregnancy. These specialists handle every pregnancy-related issue that isn’t routine – such as taking antibiotics for an infection. At New Hope Fertility, we understand how critical it is for an expectant mother to be healthy so that she maintains an ongoing pregnancy and birth.

The goal of a Maternal Fetal Medicine doctor is to closely monitor pregnant women for any indication of troublesome issues in the present – or near future. Having a high risk pregnancy doesn’t mean something will go wrong. Your MFM doctor will take extra care of you and your baby to avoid foreseeable risk factors.

New Hope Fertility in NYC offers referrals and in-house treatment options for Maternal Fetal Medicine Doctors. Our goal is to help you manage a high-risk pregnancy, while improving your own health.

Maternal Fetal Medicine Consultation

To schedule your consultation with a Maternal Fetal Medicine Doctor referred by New Hope Fertility, call Dr. John Zhang – at 212.969.7422.

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