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Congratulations to Serena Williams

dfaf5b0dc744470c8a2e1de9f225f1bbA big congratulations goes out from all of us at New Hope Fertility Center in New York to Serena Williams on her pregnancy announcement!  A lot of public questions are being raised about her being pregnant and winning The US Open.  But we are saying, don’t worry about it!

Here’s why:

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New Hope Employee Corner: Thoughts about United Airlines

feat_united04__01Even bad news has good lessons, and we are still hearing about United Airlines in the News.

It reminds us all to look at our practices and company interactions.  Dr. Zhang asks in the morning meeting, “are we going to be a 2nd United Airline?”  The answer is NO.  United Airlines is employee centric, profit centric, and protocol centric.  They are seemingly inflexible at the ground level, which, arguably is the most important place.  And to be sure, a great company is made up of happy employees with good margins and a strong foundation of how things are done.

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