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How Assisted Hatching Enhances IVF Treatment

The cutting-edge technique of Assisted Hatching is used during the IVF culturing process to enhance an embryo’s chances of implantation. Why is this IVF ancillary procedure amazing? Assisted Hatching helps couples having a poor prognosis finally achieve a pregnancy through IVF. Typically, these couples develop embryos lacking the capacity to erupt naturally from their shells and attach to the woman’s endometrial lining.

  • Assisted Hatching is an ancillary procedure used in conjunction with IVF process
  • Assisted Hatching has improved IVF pregnancy success rates in patients having a poor prognosis

Bottom Line: A better chance for a successful IVF pregnancy even for those couples diagnosed as poor responders or difficult cases.Read more: How Assisted Hatching Enhances IVF Treatment