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How to Reduce Your IVF Financial Risk: IVF SURE™

Healthy BabyIVF SURE™ is an outcome-based pricing service that helps to reduce our patients’ financial risk. Here’s the deal. Because IVF SURE™ guarantees results, you will get pregnant or we will refund your money. Our outcome-based IVF treatment pricing minimizes your IVF financial risk. Bottom Line: There are no hidden fees or costs to IVF treatment when using the IVF Sure™ guarantee program.

How IVF SURE™ Works For You

You pay a fixed fee – $25,000 – for three (3) fresh IVF cycles to be completed within a nine (9) month period. If you do not get pregnant – this fixed fee will be refunded. Fertility medication costs are not included in our IVF SURE™ program. This is an outcome-based fee schedule. The goal is to help you achieve a successful clinical pregnancy.

  • No Day 3 FSH/Estradiol testing required
  • No Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) testing required
  • No disqualification because of previous failed IVF cycles

What’s the best part?

Most patients get pregnant within one or two cycles – 3 to 6 months – however, you have 9 months to participate in our IVF SURE™ program to receive a full fee refund. Time is not delayed during the 9 month period. Look: After a first failed IVF cycle – you can immediately begin the 2nd cycle.

Candidates for IVF SURE™

  • Women who are 38 years old or younger
  • Women who have regular menstrual cycles
  • Women who do not have regular periods because they are suffering from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
  • Women who have qualifying male partners – IVF SURE™ does not cover TESA procedures (surgically retrieved sperm)

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