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National Nutrition Month March 2018

21512965 - cute african american couple in home kitchen

21512965 - cute african american couple in home kitchenGo Further With Food – is the theme spearheading 2018’s National Nutrition Month in March. Discover resources from Dr. John Zhang encourages healthy nutrition year-round, especially for his patients who are preparing for pregnancy. Establishing nutritious eating habits prior to getting pregnant will help you achieve and maintain a successful pregnancy. And, the birth of a healthy baby!

National Nutrition Month

Created by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, National Nutrition Month is movement to increase awareness about the importance of:

·         Making informed food choices

·         Developing sound eating habits

·         Establishing good physical activity routines

Nutrition to Boost Fertility

Your level of fertility is greatly increased with healthy diet and body mass index (BMI). Don’t wait until you are pregnant to get serious about a healthy lifestyle. Healthy lifestyle choices will greatly boost your fertility.

A healthy diet and lifestyle before pregnancy will solidify your habits during pregnancy. It is very important to take advantage of the natural resources and tools available to help enhance the fertility treatment and pregnancy experience.

The DASH Diet

The DASH Diet also earned the Best Diet for Healthy Eating category in the comparison study conducted by US News and World Report. The DASH Diet was developed with the goal of lowering blood pressure. More good news: A 12 week study of women on the DASH Diet by Kashan University of Medical Sciences resulted decreased anti-Mullerian hormone. The women studied were suffering from PCOS and high BMI – obesity. The findings of the study show that the DASH Diet improves metabolic profile, BMI in PCOS.Read more: National Nutrition Month March 2018