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Identifying Quality Embryos is Key to a Successful IVF Pregnancy

15624758 - two-cell embryo  , 3d illustrationQuality embryo identification is key to conceiving a successful pregnancy through IVF. Why does this matter? Only quality embryos are transferred during a fresh cycle or cryopreserved for future Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) procedures. We give careful attention to nurturing and identifying quality embryos as they grow and develop in vitro. Bottom Line: Our embryologists utilize state-of-the-art technology to identify quality embryos.

Quality Embryo Growth and Development Expertise

From a cell – to a newborn baby – embryology is the branch of biology and medicine focused on the study of an embryo from the point of fertilization through development to the fetus stage. The expertise practice of embryology is key to pregnancy success through IVF technology.

  • Assisting in the surgical retrieving of a woman’s eggs
  • Performing post-surgical retrieval tests on eggs
  • Performing in vitro tests on embryos
  • Maintaining patient clinical records

Excess, quality embryos produced during a fresh IVF cycle are cryopreserved for future transfers via FET. Only the highest quality embryos are cryopreserved for the best chances of a future FET pregnancy success.

Quality Embryos and the EmbryoScope

EmbryoScope technology is used to gather time-lapsed data by closely monitoring every embryo’s growth and development without disruption of the in vitro culturing process.

  • Quality embryos have the highest chance of implantation
  • Quality embryos thrive into a fetus
  • Quality embryos have the best chance of achieving a full-term, healthy pregnancy

EmbryoScope is an innovative, cutting edge, time-lapsed photography and software solution. EmbryoScope is technology designed to improve IVF outcomes.

  • Quantitative data on an embryo’s early stage of development in vitro
  • Objective information on an embryo’s early stage of development in vitro
  • Utilizes time-lapsed photography and software
  • No need to manipulate embryos within the incubator in vitro
  • No need to remove the embryos from the incubator in vitro

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