Dr. John Zhang’s Work on Mitochondrial DNA transfers



To learn more about my work on Mitochondrial DNA transfers, I invite you to read some of my written abstracts and research papers:

Developmental incompetency of denuded mouse oocytes undergoing maturation in vitro is ooplasmic in nature and is associated with aberrant Oct-4 expression. (abstract)

Metaphase II nuclei generated by germinal vesicle transfer in mouse oocytes support embryonic development to term. (abstract)

Ooplasmic influence on nuclear function during the metaphase II-interphase transition in mouse oocytes. (abstract)

Fertility and maternal age strategies to improve pregnancy outcome. (abstract)

In-vitro development of mouse zygotes following reconstruction by sequential transfer of germinal vesicles and haploid pronuclei. (abstract)

Reconstruction of mouse oocytes by germinal vesicle transfer: maturity of host oocyte cytoplasm determines meiosis. (abstract)

In vitro maturation of human preovulatory oocytes reconstructed by germinal vesicle transfer. (abstract)

In vitro development of human triploid zygotes reconstructed by pronuclear transfer. (abstract)

Germinal vesicle xeno-transfer between mouse and human oocytes: A model to study ooplasmic influences on meiotic division. (abstract)

Pregnancy derived from human nuclear transfer. (abstract)


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