Discover the No. 1 Fertility Preservation Option for Women: Egg Freezing

CryopreservationEgg freezing – oocyte cryopreservation – is a phenomenal medical technology available for today’s women to preserve their fertility for tomorrow. These women want to ensure they have the ability to be biologically connected to their children in the future. Embryo cryopreservation – using known or donor sperm – is also becoming increasingly popular as a means for women to preserve their ability to have a family.

Candidates for Egg Freezing

Egg and embryo freezing is increasingly being sought out by:

  • Today’s modern women who are focused on their education and career opportunities
  • Women whose circumstances in life are not presently conducive to rearing children
  • Women who have not be able to find their life partner
  • Women who are facing cancer treatment – chemo or radiation – that could damage the quality of their eggs and/or destroy their ovarian function by sending them into premature menopause
  • Women who are undergoing IVF and are likely to produce excessive eggs, but have ethical or religious concerns over freezing embryos

Egg Freezing

By preserving their eggs through oocyte cryopreservation, women can postpone motherhood past their prime childbearing years. Pregnancy success rates using a woman’s egg that has been cryopreserved, thawed and fertilized are comparable to success rates using a fresh egg.

After a woman’s eggs have been harvested through a fresh IVF cycle, they are frozen using an advanced technology known as vitrification. This is a flash-freezing method to ensure the egg is not damaged by ice crystals forming between cells. New Hope Fertility NYC is an international leader in egg freezing technology. Dr. John Zhang was one of the first fertility specialists in the United States to use the vitrification method to freeze eggs and is celebrated for being the first doctor in New York to accomplish a live birth from a frozen oocyte.

There are varied holistic protocols of IVF offered by pioneering IVF Dr. Zhang

When a woman is ready to start her family, the eggs are thawed, fertilized with sperm in vitro and transferred for implantation into her uterine lining.

Internationally Renowned Egg Freezing Doctor

Contact Dr. John Zhang if you interested in preserving your fertility through egg freezing. It is important to work with a fertility specialist who is accomplished in egg freezing technology.

To schedule your one-on-one initial consultation with Dr. John Zhang – call 917.525.5496.

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