Infertility & Your Relationship: 5 Ways to Stay Strong Together

Relationships During Fertility Treatment

You met the person you want to spend forever with. Then, you decided to start a family. Unfortunately, you were unable to conceive on your own. You two decided to pursue fertility treatment, but did not know exactly what to expect or how it would impact your relationship. Fertility issues can be stressful for both partners. There are physical, mental an emotional impacts due to fertility issues, which can take their toll on a relationship. It is possible to keep your relationship strong during fertility treatment, with the five tips below.Oct012015

Stay Focused on “Us”

The goal of fertility is to become parents and to grow your family together. However, the tests, treatment and medication often associated with fertility treatment can easily become a couple’s focus. The key is to remember that the foundation of this treatment is the bond between both partners, a relationship which will need to continue to thrive after treatment.

Spend Fertility Free Time Together

Take time out to continue to enjoy your partner. Do the activities you’ve always loved to do together. Watch a movie, go for a walk and laugh together. Allow yourselves time to not talk about fertility treatment. Fertility can quickly become the dominate topic of conversation. Give yourself space and time to focus elsewhere for a while.

Take Care of Each Other

Continue doing the small things that matter. Ask your partner about their day and really listen. Ask your partner how they are doing and if there are any things you can do to make the process easier on them. Then, follow through with those things.


The biggest threat to a healthy relationship is a lack of communication. Communicate your needs and listen to the needs of your partner. For tough conversations, each partner should be able to communicate their needs and opinion uninterrupted before the other partner speaks. Keeping the lines of communication open and feeling comfortable talking to one another is key.

Say Thank You

Feeling unappreciated or unnoticed is a relationship killer. Remember to take time to thank your partner for the little things.

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