Mini-IVF™ Pioneering Doctor Lowering Costs

Mini-IVF™ is a protocol pioneered by internationally renowned fertility specialist – Dr. John Zhang - founder of New Hope Fertility NYC. This holistic IVF protocol substantially decreases the amount of fertility medication prescribed to patients. As opposed to giving large doses of medication to produce a high quantity of eggs during a Conventional IVF, Mini-IVF™ gently stimulates a woman’s body to produce fewer high quality eggs (3 to 5 eggs per cycle). The goal of a Mini-IVF™ protocol is to produce only high quality eggs better suited to achieving a healthy embryo and successful pregnancy. 

Mini-IVF™ Common Costs

New Hope Fertility NYC offers its trademarked Minimal Stimulation IVF – Mini-IVF™ – for less than the cost of conventional IVF. Contact us for most current pricing on Mini-IVF™. Quoted Mini-IVF™ fees do not include the expense of fertility medications, which can range up to $1,500, depending upon the patient’s needs. Pregnancy success rates for Mini-IVF™ are comparable to Conventional IVF without the high cost.

Common costs of Mini-IVF™ include:

  • Regulation of the patient’s cycle
  • Prescription of limited fertility medication to stimulate egg production
  • Monitoring throughout the patient’s cycle via blood work and ultrasound
  • Direction on self-administration of hCG trigger injection to time egg retrieval with ovulation
  • An outpatient surgical egg retrieval procedure
  • Fertilization of the harvested eggs in culture
  • A fresh embryo transfer

Mini-IVF™ Medications

Mini-IVF™ protocols use very small dosages of fertility medication to stimulate egg production. Medication costs vary by treatment protocol.

The fertility medication regimen prescribed during a Mini-IVF™ typically includes:

  • Clomid taken orally
  • Up to three doses of Menopur administered via injection
  • Synarel administered via nasal spray
  • hCG to trigger ovulation timed with egg retrieval

Mini-IVF™ Benefits Over Conventional IVF

Mini-IVF™ can increase your chances of pregnancy without the need for large dosages of costly fertility medications used to produce an excessive number of eggs. A Conventional IVF cycle typically produces between 10 and 15 eggs. The goal with a Mini-IVF™ protocol is to produce between 3 and 5 quality eggs per fresh cycle.

Mini-IVF™ Pioneering Doctor

Dr. John Zhang understands that cost is a major concern for couples seeking IVF treatment. The Doctor has revolutionized the financing of IVF costs through IVF Sure™ – a money back guarantee financial program.

Contact the pioneering doctor of the Mini-IVF™ – Dr. John Zhang – and discover if this innovative holistic protocol can help you conceive through IVF. It is important to work with a fertility doctor who specializes in holistic IVF protocols.

To schedule your one-on-one initial consultation with Dr. Zhang by calling 917.525.5496.

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