The Real Reasons Women are Freezing Their Eggs in New York City

As women’s roles change in society, their view of family is evolving.  Women still want to become mothers and to start a family, but later in life.  However, biologically, women are best equipped to start a family before age 35.  Egg freezing and fertility preservation provides the peace of mind that when a woman is ready to start a family, she will have healthy eggs available.


Reasons for Delaying Motherhood

Women choose to start their families later in life for a number of reasons including:

  • Focusing on personal goals such as travelling the world
  • Wanting to build a career and professional reputation
  • Waiting to be in the ideal relationship with the right person
  • Having a goal of being financially secure
  • The need to address medical concerns

Regardless of the reason, all women have valid reasons for having children later in life.  Unfortunately, many women discover that when they are ready for children that becoming pregnant is more difficult than they expected. Although women are socially better equipped to start a family later in life, their biology does not follow the same pattern.

Women’s Biology

Unlike men who produce sperm continually, women are born with all of the eggs they will ever have.  Naturally, the quality of those eggs begin to decline rapidly after age 35.  This decline in quality is responsible for a considerable number of cases of infertility.  By freezing eggs earlier in life, a woman can avoid this issue.  Once she is ready to start a family, the stored, younger, healthier eggs may be used for fertilization.

Advantage of Fertility Preservation

The largest advantage of preserving a woman’s fertility is that she no longer will feel the need to choose between her goals and having a family.  A woman can feel free to follow her goals and ambition knowing that once she is ready to start a family she has healthy eggs available.  Women can move forward without feeling that they are being held captive by their biological clock.

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