Ways to Stay Positive and Calm During an IVF Cycle

Your IVF cycle can be a very anxious time. Between medication, testing, procedures and you emotions, it can be difficult to stay calm and positive throughout your cycle. However, becoming stressed can actually negatively impact both your fertility and your outlook on fertility treatment. Therefore, staying calm and positive during IVF is a must.

There are many things that you can during your IVF cycle to remain calm. There is no magic solution and no two women are the same. Pick ideas from the list below that speak to your specific mental and emotional needs.

Give Yourself Space EggFreezingImage_low_res

It can be difficult to perform your daily routine while wondering if the IVF cycle will work. You may find yourself becoming frustrated that other people are seemingly moving forward while you’re experiencing one of the greatest struggles. Give yourself some time and space to really deal with the emotional side of IVF. Having an outlet can avoid emotional blow ups.


This ancient practice of centering your body and mind can be done anywhere at any time. Ideally, you should sit in a quiet area, close your eyes and focus on breathing. Trying not to think will actually result in additional thoughts, so the best way to deal with thoughts is to acknowledge them and that you’ll come back to them and then return to focusing on your breaths. Allowing both your mind and body to return to a state of calm can help your overall outlook during IVF.

Take Care of Yourself

Your IVF cycle is the perfect time to give yourself a little TLC. A trip to the hair salon, a spa day or even painting your nails may be exactly what the doctor ordered. These personal treats provide a time to relax physically and mentally.


Pretending as though you don’t have concerns or worries is a bad idea. It is important to actively communicate with your loved ones and treatment team. Let your loved ones and support system know what they can do to support you through the process and then allow them to do those things. Ask your fertility care team questions and for additional information until you feel comfortable with the process and you have a full understanding of your treatment plan.

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