The Impact of Infertility on Your Relationship – How Do You Cope?

shutterstock_115989118Infertility can have a major effect on a couple’s relationship.  It is easy for couples to become focused on getting pregnant and to lose sight of the rest of the relationship. Additionally, the stress that can result from fertility treatment can make communication difficult. The tips below can help you cope with the impact of fertility and to improve your relationship.

Communication is Key

One of the largest success factors during a relationship is communication.  It is important to keep the lines of communication open while undergoing fertility care.  This may mean that you have to have difficult conversations.  For other couples, it means voicing your feelings when you may feel uncomfortable.  Be sure to take time to ask your partner about their feelings regularly on your infertility journey.  Talking through issues is an effective way to stay connected.  Unfortunately, people often forget that their partners are going through the same situation.

Acknowledge Your Feelings

Having negative emotions during fertility treatment is normal.  It is important to recognize any negative feelings and to try to identify their root cause. Additionally, if you are on fertility medication, your negative emotions may actually be side effects.  If you believe this might be the issue, it is okay to step away from the situation and to revisit it once you feel more balanced. Also speak with your fertility team about your side effects.

Get Rest

Not getting enough sleep can decrease your fertility and your overall health.  Try to get eight hours of sleep a night.  If this seems difficult, start by scheduling days when you go to sleep as early as possible.   Not getting enough rest can result in a short temper, which can cause issues with communication.

Time Away

Be sure to schedule time with your partner.  You can go to the movies, try a new restaurant, or go for a walk.  The important thing is to spend some time with one another apart from the time you’re spending focused on trying to start a family.

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