Tips on How To Choose Your Perfect Fertility Doctor and Clinic


shutterstock_104367062Unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant can be frustrating and heartbreaking.  For couples that are ready to seek professional help, it is important to select the right fertility doctor and clinic.  When selecting the fertility center that will help in your quest to become a parent, consider the following:

Individualized Care

The best fertility treatment centers take time to understand each of their client’s unique needs before prescribing a treatment plan.  Standardized treatment plans can provide too much or too little fertility medication and are often unsuccessful.  The best treatment plan will prescribe only the specific level of medication that is needed for each client.

Treatment Techniques

Advancements in fertility medication, monitoring methods, and ideologies have increased the types of fertility treatment that are available.  Look for treatment centers that provide a number of treatment options, including those that use little to no fertility medication.  Flexible treatment centers have the highest success rates and are able to treat couples with various medical ideologies.

Patient Acceptance

Some fertility centers limit the types of patients they accept.  By refusing women due to their age, FSH level, or number of eggs they can produce during a cycle, fertility centers are able to inflate their success rates.  Look for a fertility center with the skill and experience to treat patients with a number of causes of fertility.


One of the key components of fertility treatment is monitoring.  Monitoring throughout the cycle using blood work and ultrasound allows the fertility team to evaluate how the cycle is progressing.  During cycles, you may need to visit the office three times a week.  Be sure to select a fertility center that is easily accessible and can be incorporated into your schedule.

NYC’s New Hope Fertility Center satisfies each of the above and more.  Their team of fertility experts constantly research and coordinate with fertility providers worldwide to ensure each of their clients receives the best fertility care.  The physicians at New Hope work with each client to understand their unique wants and medical needs before creating a treatment plan that’s tailored for success.

Schedule an appointment with the fertility experts at New Hope Fertility Center today.  Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-7676. Thank You.

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