Dr. Zhang’s Pick of the Month: What do I do after a failed embryo transfer?

Pick of the MonthAll the doctors at New Hope Fertility Center and patients hope that everyone would have a good result from their treatments, and we are all looking forward to be able to help many couples and women achieve their dream of being a parent.

If you achieved your dream, we wanted to congratulate you. But if you had a failed cycle, do not lose hope. As long as you have enough embryos to be transferred, there will also be a chance that you can get pregnant. If you have frozen embryos store, we can help you do another embryo transfer. If you do not have any frozen embryos, we can have another cycle to retrieve more eggs.

If you have a failed embryo transfer, it is due to one of the two reasons: embryo quality or the endometrial environment. 70% of the time is due to the embryo quality and 30% of the time is due to endometrial environment. If you are a young, with good embryo quality, it might be due to your endometrial environment. If you are younger than 25, and never got pregnant before, it is an indication that you have a possible endometrium problem. We would suggest performing a blood test, a hysteroscopy or a sonogram to look at your uterine environment.

If you are an older women and have a failed embryo transfer, it may be due to the embryo quality. With this, we suggest to try a new protocol. First we will create a culture and observe the embryo until it reaches the blastocysts stage then perform a genetic test, such as Pre-implantation Genetic Screening (PGS), Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), or Comparative Genomic Hybridization (CGH).

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