Breaking Down IVF Treatment Options For Older Women

Biologically, women are best equipped to become pregnant before age 35.  After this point, a woman’s natural fertility begins to decline.  However, fertility treatment methods such as IVF make it possible for women to have children even after age 35. couple

IVF Treatment Options

Once limited to a single protocol that relied upon fertility medication, IVF is now done in a variety of protocols.  This allows fertility care teams to design treatment plans that address each woman’s specific medical needs. World class fertility treatment center, New Hope, offer three protocols for IVF treatment:

  • Traditional IVF – The traditional protocol is best suited for women with a substantial egg reserves and are expected to respond well to fertility medication.  The focus here is to obtain a large number of eggs.  In order to stimulate the body to produce large numbers of eggs, multiple doses of fertility medication are necessary.
  • Mini IVF – Minimal stimulation, also known as Mini, IVF takes a different approach.  Rather than focusing on the quality of eggs, Mini IVF is focused on harvesting a small number of high quality eggs.  To do this, a woman’s body is gently stimulated to produce three to five eggs that are well suited for fertilization.
  • Natural Cycle IVF – The natural approach to IVF does not use fertility medication.  Instead the goal is to harvest and then fertilize the egg a woman produces naturally.  A naturally produced egg is typically of the highest quality.

IVF for Women over 35

There is no specific protocol for women over age 35.  For best results, women should use the IVF protocol that best addresses their needs.  Many women in this age group have a diminished ovarian reserve or do not respond well to fertility medication making the minimal stimulation protocols better suited for their needs.

Schedule an appointment today to discuss which treatment option is ideal based on your specific needs by contacting at the New Hope Fertility team today. Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-7676. Thank You.


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