Dr. Zhang’s Contributions to Egg Freezing Technology

The natural maternal aging process has a dramatic negative effect on the quality of a woman’s eggs. The Good News: Thanks to the 20 plus years of research and clinical experience in successful egg freezing by Dr. John Zhang, women no longer have to be cornered into motherhood by their biological clocks. A woman has the option of freezing her eggs to preserve her future fertility into her advanced reproductive years (mid- to late -30s to early 40s + Beyond).

The younger your eggs are when trying to conceive, the better chance you will have of getting pregnant. If you know that one day you would like to become a mother, but feel that now is just not the time, I recommend freezing your eggs. – Dr. John Zhang as quoted in Parenting.

History of Egg Freezing

In 1986, the first birth resulting from a frozen egg was achieved. Since then, amazing strides have been achieved in the field of egg freezing Assisted Reproduction Technology (ART). Today’s ART for egg freezing is in high demand by women who don’t want to be faced with maternal age-related fertility decline. There has been an increased demand for Social Egg Freezing (SEF) – a procedure that allows women to preserve their fertility past their prime reproductive years.

  • From 1986 to 1997 – only 12 babies were born from frozen eggs
  • In 1997 – the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. researched and developed new technologies in egg freezing in an effort to replenish the populations of endangered species
  • Unfortunately – the National Zoo’s efforts in egg freezing ART to propagate rare species could not be funded
  • Since 1997 – the National Zoo’s research and ART in egg freezing was adopted and implemented for human beings by Dr. Zhang’s colleague and friend, Dr. Kawayama
  • From 1997 to today – 1200 babies are born every year using the medical marvel of modern egg freezing ART

Not Too Good to be True!

Dr. Zhang thought Dr. Kawayama’s use of the National Zoo’s research and egg freezing ART for humans was too good to be true – he was hesitant to believe it was possible.

What’s the good news? Dr. Zhang has successfully achieve healthy pregnancies and births of babies using cutting-edge egg freezing ART for over 20 years. Read an amazing story in Harper’s Bazaar that features how Dr. Zhang’s Division of Fertility Preservation has played a major role in informing women of their future family planning options.

  • Zhang was the first doctor in New York to achieve a live birth from egg freezing
  • Zhang was one of the first doctors in the U.S. to use the vitrification flash freezing method
  • Vitrification is a rapid freezing technique used to prevent the formation of damaging ice crystals between egg cells

Egg Freezing Pioneer and Expert

Based on amazing high pregnancy success rates using a woman’s frozen egg, Dr. Zhang believes that the process for freezing your eggs will be as easy as going to the gym! Stay tuned for more updates and personal egg freezing success stories from our happy patients.

It is important to work with a fertility specialist having the experience required to design a customized egg freezing plan for your needs. To schedule your consultation, click the icon below – or – call 212.969.7422.

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