How Many Embryos Get Transferred During an IVF Cycle?

JZ (7)Fertility treatment is filled with a number of decisions. Decisions about protocols during IVF are crucial. Specifically, decisions about medication dosage and the number of embryos transferred are of utmost priority.This is something that many patients struggle with. There is a widely held belief that transferring multiple eggs results in a higher chance of becoming pregnant.

Embryos Transferred During an IVF Cycle

At New Hope Fertility Center, the focus is on helping each of our patients receive the high quality, personalized care that they need in order to achieve their dreams of expanding their families. Because of this, we advise our patients about the advantages of using a procedure known as Single Embryo Transfer (SET).

Single Embryo Transfer (SET)

Single Embryo Transfer (SET) is the practice of transferring a single, high quality embryo during an In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) cycle. Research shows transferring multiple embryos does not impact the likelihood that a IVF cycle will be effective. What it does change is the likelihood that a couple will have a multiple pregnancy. When a couple has high quality embryos, they can rest assured that transferring a single embryo has pregnancy rates of transferring multiple embryos. A multiple pregnancy increases health and survival risks for both the mother and child during a pregnancy. Because of this, world class fertility centers such as New Hope Fertility Center advocate the use of single embryo transfer.

Deciding to Use SET

The choice of using SET is something every hopeful parent needs to make independently. Each fertility case is different and the medical team will have different advice for each couple after considering their medical and fertility histories. The quality of the embryos are also a factor to consider. Talk to the fertility experts at New Hope Fertility Center. When considering this decision to choose SET or multiple embryos, it is important to weigh the risks of multiple pregnancy and the potential impacts on the life of both mother and child.

More Resources About SET

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