FSH Levels and How They Play a Role in Fertility

A woman’s hormone levels play a large role in her fertility.  Having hormone levels that are too high or too low can cause fertility problems. FSH, follicle stimulating hormone, is one of the key players in fertility.  This hormone is responsible for the growth and maturity of eggs within the ovaries.  The level of FSH in a woman’s body varies based on her age and the point in her cycle.shutterstock_104367062

High FSH Levels 

As a woman ages and moves toward menopause, the amount of FSH in her body increases.  Women who have a low egg reserve or who have declining egg quality will have high FSH as well.  Women with high FSH levels will find trying to conceive difficult without assistance.

Thankfully, world class fertility treatment centers have a number of tools available to address the issues caused by high FSH levels.  Oe such options is to supplement DHEA.  DHEA is a hormone that has proven to improve egg quality when taken as a supplement.  After several weeks of treatment with DHEA, eggs retrieved have a quality that is similar to those of women without high FSH levels.

Treatment for High FSH Levels

Unfortunately, many fertility centers turn away women with high FSH levels.  They believe that treating these women will be difficult.  In order to protect their success rates, these clinics will decline to treat women with high FSH levels.  The experts at New Hope Fertility Center realize this treatment philosophy is flawed.  It is possible to successfully provide fertility treatment to women with high FSH levels.  By focusing on holistic treatment options and tailoring treatment to each woman’s specific needs, New Hope Fertility Center is able to provide world class treatment to women with a variety of medical concerns.  The team at New Hope does not turn away patients based upon their FSH levels or their ability to produce multiple eggs during a cycle.

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