How Getting Better Sleep Can Aid in Fertility Chances

Fertility is directly tied to a number of other aspects of your health.  If your general health declines, your fertility will decline also.  Therefore, it is important to stay as healthy as possible while trying to conceive.  Many people do not realize how big a role sleep plays in their overall health.  In today’s busy society, it is common for people to be limited to five or less hours of sleep per night.  However, reducing sleep to those levels can have a drastic impact on your fertility.2015-15

What Happens While You’re Sleeping

While we’re sleeping, our bodies take time to make repairs to damaged cells.  Additionally, it is during sleep while hormones are regulated.  In fact, one key hormone, leptin, is directly tied to sleep and fertility.  When leptin is not produced at normal levels, ovulation can be interrupted, making fertility difficult or even impossible.  Additionally, sleep directly impacts other hormones that are vital to reproduction.  Hormone issues are one of the leading causes of fertility problems.  Getting adequate sleep also improves your mood and decreases stress levels, both of which are key to your overall health and being intimate with your partner.

Getting Adequate Rest

There are a number of steps you can take in order to increase the amount of sleep you receive daily:

  • Turn off electronic devices an hour before bed.  Tablets, smart phones, computers, and other devices are often at arms length.  However, using them before bed can make falling asleep difficult.  Additionally, you’re more likely to stay up late if you’re working on an electronic device.
  • If you nap during the day and find it difficult to sleep at night, try to stop taking naps.  Although they can provide needed rest, napping can interrupt your natural sleep cycle.
  • Avoid the use of caffeine, particularly late at night.
  • Create a routine to help you get in the mood for rest.  Following that routine nightly can get you into the habit of falling asleep.

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