IVF Pregnancy Success Patient Testimonial – Pregnant at 42

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IVF Hope Finds A Way!

My IVF journey began when I was 39. I had five IVF failures (5) at three different fertility clinics in NYC before I came to New Hope Fertility Center. At my former clinics I was given high doses of drugs and produced many egg follicles. However, shortly after fertilization most of the embryos would arrest and the ones transferred to my uterus would not implant. I was diagnosed as hopelessly infertile.

At 41 – discouraged and feeling hopeless – I came across New Hope and was intrigued by their mission of treating difficult patients. I met with Dr. Zhang and immediately felt comfortable and hopeful again. Dr. Zhang reviewed my records of previous IVF attempts and designed a different protocol for me. Unlike other clinics, New Hope has a customized regimen for each patient. They do not use a cookie-cutter approach.

Dr. Zhang and my fertility care team found the IVF regimen that worked best for me. I was given less drugs and then my embryos were frozen. At age 42, I had a successful frozen embryo transfer during my natural cycle. My husband and I now have a beautiful baby boy.

Customized IVF Treatment Plans

It is important to work with a fertility doctor having the research and clinical experience required to design a customized IVF treatment plan meeting your personal and medical needs. Click the icon below – or – call 212.969.7422 to schedule your initial consultation.

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