Are You a Primary Candidate for Ovarian Tissue Freezing?

Women now have the option of freezing their ovarian tissue to preserve future fertility. Through ovarian tissue freezing technology, a woman has a good chance of conceiving a biologically-related baby in the future. A woman’s frozen ovarian tissue can be later thawed and transplanted back into her ovary. This revolutionary fertility preservation option is an alternative to egg freezing. Ovarian tissue freezing has proven to be a great option for women trying to preserve both their fertility and hormones.

Primary Candidates for Ovarian Tissue Freezing

There are many women who should consider freezing their ovarian tissue to preserve their future fertility.

  • Women who are facing the removal of their ovaries due to a medical condition
  • Women who are facing chemotherapy – which could damage their ovaries
  • Women between the ages of 33 and 38 who plan to delay childbearing
  • Women who want to preserve hormonal function as well as future fertility
  • Women who want to donate their eggs without undergoing IVF

Ovarian Tissue Freezing & Future Transplant

Ovarian tissue freezing is growing more and more popular because it is a proven safe and successful procedure to preserve a woman’s future fertility. Ovarian tissue freezing is accomplished through an outpatient surgical procedure – laparoscopy. A layer of the outer membrane of one of the woman’s ovaries – the preserved ovary – is removed. The outer membrane of an ovary is where a large number of a woman’s immature eggs are located. This ovarian tissue is cryopreserved for later transplant to the woman’s other ovary – the non-preserved ovary. The National Institutes of Health reported that [h]uman ovarian tissue transplantation has resulted in the birth of over 70 children worldwide. In most cases, the transplanted ovarian tissue strips will regain function and will, once again, produce eggs and hormones.

Celebrated Experts Helping to Preserve Future Fertility

The celebrated fertility specialists at New Hope Fertility Center provide all-encompassing cryopreservation techniques for protecting the fertility of both women and men.

Convenient Conception Options Post-Ovarian Tissue Transplant

To help along the natural conception of a baby for women who have undergone an ovarian tissue transplant, New Hope Fertility Center offers:

Fertility Preservation Expertise

Ovarian tissue freezing is a fertility preservation procedure requiring expertise. Always work with a fertility specialist having in depth research and clinical experience in ovarian tissue freezing and transplant. To schedule your initial consultation with Fertility Preservation Expert – Dr. John Zhang – call 212.969.7422.

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