The Best Books to Read for Infertility

Fertility treatment can feel like a lonely journey.  This can be particularly true if the people around you are starting families without difficulty.  Understanding what other individuals have experienced in their fertility journey can help your process.The following fertility books can help you understand more about your reproductive system as well as provide perspective from others who have gone through a similar process. Enjoying the sun

The Impatient Woman’s Guide to Getting Pregnant

Written by Jean M. Twenge, this book provides a guideline for navigating the entire process of getting pregnant and starting a family.  It also specifically addresses the real emotional issues and pressures that can arise for women.  Written by a sociologist using humor and honesty, the book provides a realistic approach to starting a family.

Inconceivable: A Woman’s Triumph over Despair and Statistics

This real life tale of fertility treatment is authored by Julia Indichova and details her experience with fertility treatment.  Indichova speaks about medical and holistic treatments as well as her experience navigating the emotions of fertility treatment.

The PCOS Diet Plan

PCOS is a condition that affects many women and can dramatically limit their ability to become pregnant.  Written by Hillary Wright, this book offers insight into how diet has a real effect on the body and reproductive health.  Through lifestyle and diet changes, women can get to a healthy weight which can help to alleviate the symptoms of PCOS.

Infertility Survival Handbook

Authored by Elizabeth Sire-Falker, this book provides a frank look at fertility treatment and how to deal with fertility issues.  The author provides an honest review of her experience and helps readers to understand what they may face during their own treatment.  Many topics are covered, from the emotional side of fertility issues to financing treatment.

The Whole Life Fertility Plan: Understanding What Affects Your Fertility To Help You Get Pregnant When You Want To

Kyra Philips and Dr. Jamie Grifo wrote this guide to addressing all of the things that can impact fertility.  From a perspective on age and fertility and how holistic treatments can aid in the fertility process, this book provides a whole life view of getting pregnant and starting a family.

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