4 Tips For Making Healthy Sperm

young-happy-pregnant-coupleMale fertility factors are equally likely to contribute to a couple’s infertility as are female reproductive issues. Sperm health is one of the most important aspect of male fertility. Men can improve sperm health over time. Healthy, active, motile sperm are more likely to result in pregnancy. Thankfully, there are several steps men can take to improve their sperm health.

Four Key tips for Making Healthy Sperm

Eat Well

The food a man eats impacts every aspect of his health, including his fertility. Fast food, processed food, food that is high in sodium, and high fat foods can all negatively impact fertility. The body is unable to run efficiently without fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins. Eating well can lower blood sugar and can help to treat a variety of chronic health conditions.


Exercise is especially important for male health. It increases circulation, improves mood, and helps men to maintain a healthy weight. Additionally, exercise is a great way to control stress, which has a negative impact on male fertility and the health of their sperm.

Stop Smoking

Smoking is habit that can impact a number of aspects of health. In addition to harming a man’s overall health, smoking can negatively impact sperm quality. Chemicals in smoke can result in changes in the sperm, including shape, size, and motility. These changes can make sperm abnormal and reduce the likelihood of egg penetration for fertilization.

Loose or Lose Your Underwear

In order to function properly, a man’s testicles must be kept a few degrees cooler than the rest of his body. This is why they are positioned outside of the body. The underwear a man chooses can directly impact the temperature of his testicles. Tight underwear like briefs will keep the testicles warmer. Loose underwear like boxers allow for cooling. Men can also consider shedding underwear completely while trying to conceive.

Making Healthy Sperm

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