Too Busy To Get Pregnant? You Should Consider Egg Freezing Until Your Ready

For many women, starting a family during the time their bodies are most fertile is not ideal.  Women are most fertile during between their teenage years until age 35.  It is common for women to be focused on other areas of their lives during this time, wanting to wait to start a family until they are better established financially and professionally.  Unfortunately, some women find it more difficult to conceive after age 35 as the quality of their eggs decreases over time.  This does not have to be an issue.  Freezing your eggs allows you to preserve your fertility until you are ready to start a family.

EggFreezingImage_low_resEgg freezing allows you to harvest eggs when they are at their healthiest and store them until you have decided to start a family.  This procedure allows women to pursue their dreams without worrying that they are possibly sacrificing the ability to have children.

Egg Freezing Cycle Process

During an egg freezing cycle, a woman is given fertility medication in order to promote the growth and maturation of multiple eggs.  This is typically done through a traditional in vitro fertilization (IVF) protocol.  During the cycle each women is required to administer fertility medication via injection.  Throughout the cycle each woman is closely monitored using blood work and ultrasound to ensure the medication is having the desired effect.  Once the eggs are the appropriate size and maturity level, they are harvested via microsurgery.


Once harvested during an outpatient procedure, the eggs are checked for quality and viability.  The healthy eggs are frozen and stored via the state of the art freezing method, vitrification. Vitrification reduces the temperature of the eggs from 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit to their storage temperature of -320 degrees instantaneously.  The fast reduction of temperature and the use of a cryoprotectant significantly reduces the risk of damage to the eggs by ice crystals.   In contrast with freezing methods used in the past, eggs frozen and stored with vitrification have a 98 percent survival rate versus 55 percent seen with traditional methods.

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