Trying To Conceive? – Don’t Lose Hope, You Still Have More Options

The journey to starting a family isn’t always easy. As many as one in every eight couples will have trouble trying to conceive. Seeing a negative result when you’ve done everything “right” can be stressful and heartbreaking. If you’ve been trying to get pregnant without success, do not give up hope!  There are many treatment plans available to address a number of medical causes of fertility issues.


First Steps

The first step in treating fertility is to discover the root cause of the issue.In order to get a full picture of the couple’s medical needs, both partners will be tested.  Despite having more reproductive organs, women are no more likely than men to have fertility issues. In general, of the couples that experience fertility issues:

  • 40 percent are male factor
  • 40 percent are female factor
  • 20 percent can be attributed to both partners or are unknown

Treatment Options

There are several ways of treating infertility, including holistic options that use little or no fertility medication. In vitro fertilization, IVF, is a highly successful way to treat both male and female fertility issues. During IVF treatment:

  • A woman’s cycle is closely monitored through blood work and ultrasound
  • Once mature, the egg(s) are retrieved during an outpatient procedure
  • The egg(s) are fertilized in the lab using ICSI when needed to aid in fertilization
  • After monitoring, a healthy embryo is transferred directly into the uterus

New Hope Fertility Center, a world class provider of fertility care offers three IVF protocols:

  • Traditional IVF uses fertility medication in order to promote the growth of a large number of eggs. The goal is the quantity rather than the quality of eggs retrieved.
  • Minimal Stimulation IVF uses low doses of fertility medication to gently stimulate the production of three to five high quality eggs.
  • Natural Cycle IVF does not use fertility medication. The egg produced naturally is harvested, fertilized and implanted directly in the uterus for implantation.

Schedule an appointment today to discuss your fertility care needs with one of our expert physicians. After understanding your needs, values, and goals for treatment, our medical team can create a personalized treatment plan that is unique to you. Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-7676. Thank You.

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